Mindfulness training (MBSR/MBCT) English – Delft

Starting in January, 2019, I will be offering the 8-week mindfulness training (MBSR / MBCT) in English in Delft (The Netherlands).

Mindfulness is a evidence-based programm, that can help prevent complaints in the field of:

  • stress and burn-out;
  • anxiety and depression;
  • sleep deprivation.

In 8 weeks time you will be more happy with yourself and your life!


I am Esther Hasselman, mindfulness trainer since 2011 and certified by the professional association VMBN, cat. 1 (which means a lot of health insurance companies refund part of the mindfulness training fee*).

My mindfulness teacher training has largely been in English, and even part of the books I have read about mindfulness were in English, and have not been translated into my mother tongue (Dutch). I have been taught in English in real live by (among others):

  • Mark Williams
  • Trish Bartley
  • Christina Feldman
  • John Peacock
  • Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Shaila Catherine
  • Lawrence J. Ladden
  • Susan Gillis Chapman
  • Kristin Neff
  • Christopher Germer

*) Please contact your health insurance provider to ask about their refunds and regulations; mindfulness is a specific item on the list, in the prevention category.

During the 8-week course in English, I use of the book by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

You can pre-order this book, e.g. at bol.com.

Mindfulness English Delft


The training consists of 9 2,5 hour sessions, including water and tea. You will be required to practice at home on a daily basis using audio (guided exercises).

Dates and times can be found in the calendar below.
NB The exact start and end times can be subject of (group) discussion.

Please donot hesitate to contact me if planned dates are not suitable for you.

Location: Delft city center, within walking distance from the train station.


  • employer pays for you: 450 euro excl. VAT
  • one man company: 325 euro excl. VAT
  • private: 325 euro incl. VAT
  • fulltime students living on scholarship or loan: 225 euro incl. VAT*
  • other small income: please contact me to figure something out

*) Unless your insurance covers part of the costs (let’s talk!)

There is a (small) application procedure, including an application form and an intake (usually by phone).

Application and questions

Please contact me if you want more information, or if you want to apply now.

WhatsApp / text / call: 06 1445 9373 (in The Netherlands).

You can also use the contact form.

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